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DigiFox Wallet Review: All-in-one Finance App

Digifox, is an all-in-one finance application created by popular YouTuber Nicholas Merten (AKA DataDash). With DigiFox you can buy and swap crypto and send your money globally, at fees as low as $0.15. Plus, they have an “Earn” feature, using integrated platforms such as Celsius and Compound. This enables you to earn interest of between 5-9% (please note that these rates can change) which is far better than any standard savings account.

What is Digifox Wallet?

Digifox is a financial platform, where you can buy crypto, earn interest, and send money globally. Plus the ability to earn interest on your crypto with built-in apps Compound Finance & Celius Network. The Digifox mobile app is available for iOS and Android includes 4 different features.

DIgifox App Review

Digifox Wallet

The Digifox “Wallet” allows you store Ethereum or ERC20 tokens and you can fund your wallet through purchasing tokens or receiving these from an external address. Purchases of the USD-C stable coin can be made via debit/credit card or via bank transfer with USD. There’s also “swap” functionality, which is powered by KyberSwap enabling you to easily exchange from one cryptocurrency to another, all without ever having to leave the app.

digifox datadash crypto app

Digifox Earn

With their “Earn” feature you can earn interest on various assets held within Digifox, using integrated partners Celsius and Compound Finance. There are a whole host of available assets to choose from which can earn you between 5-9% (although rates do vary) which is fare greater than the amount you could earn in a standard savings account.

earn interest on crypto with Digifox
Celsius Network Sign-up Bonus
Celsius Network Sign-up offer

Digifox Debit Card

The “Spend” option is ‘coming soon’ but will feature a debit card that you can use to spend money with any visa merchant.

digifox debit card


With “Contacts“, you can easily add friends, family or clients by simply searching for them by username. When you send funds across, their receive address will automatically pre-populate. Plus, you can send your funds to anywhere around the world are really cheap rates and as little as $.015!

send money abroad cheaply

Digifox Referal

invite friends or family members to Digifox and earn $5 free USDC once they have signed up and linked their bank account. Each additional referral you sign-up, the more you will earn.

  • Earn a percentage of fees from your referrals
  • Lower trading fees
  • Free transactions
  • Lower lending aggregation fees
Digifox $5 Referral Code

Digifox Review

The Digifox app is very intuitive with a slick design and was released in June 2020. So you may experience some initial teething problems like you would expect from any new app or software release. However, I’ve personally used their support which was really responsive and very helpful.

Digifox makes it really easy for beginners getting into crypto with all the services they need in 1 place. With their integrations with the likes of Kyber and Compound built-in, users don’t need to leave the app to trade or invest. Nor will they need to connect up external sources to these services which may have deterred new users in the past.

One of the things that scare people off, putting funds into a wallet is having to remember and secure their recovery seed phrase. However, Digifox is a non-custodial solution that allows users to use the likes of email and 2-factor authentication without the need for seed phrases.

Digifox $5 Referral Code

I’m looking forward to some of the new features such as the DigiFox debit card and the ability to buy via bank transfer from the UK which I’ve been informed is coming soon. Plus, I also personally had an issue with purchasing via a Debit card as I was unable to select United Kingdom in the country billing details. But again, this was a minor issue which is currently being resolved.

Overrall, Digifox is definitely an app worth checking out and I’ll be interested to see how it evolves in the future.

How to Claim UniSwap UNI Tokens with Digifox

As Digifox wallet user, you may not have noticed that in the background, built into the Digifox app, the UniSwap platform is used to swap tokens. Therefore, Digifox users who have traded prior to the 1st September 2020 could be eligible for over 400 UNI tokens from the current Uniswap airdrop. At a current price of $4.21, 400 UNI tokens are worth $1,684, so it’s definitely worth checking!

To claim your tokens, you’ll just need some crypto to pay for the fees required for claiming and follow the steps outlined in the below tutorial.

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