Revolut Review for 2022

Revolut Review 2022: Features, Fee, Pros & Cons

In this Revolut review, we will take you through the popular digital banking app and show you its features free and card options.

If you need a banking app where you can manage your money and track your expenses from your mobile phone, Revolut is a great option. Not only that, but the Revolut card is a great travel companion. You can exchange money at the real market rate, commission-free, and even get their standard account for zero monthly charges.

Let’s jump into this Revolut review to help you work out if Revolut is the right online banking app for you.

Revolut Review: How to use Revolut?

Free Revolut Bank Mastercard

What is a Revolut?

Revolut is a digital-only banking app and card that is different from traditional banks due to its low fees and flexibility. It is a pre-paid Mastercard that is specifically aimed at those that travel. Offering international money transfers and spending abroad with no hidden fees.

They are a UK-based company that launched in 2015 and now has over 10 million customers. Making 35 million transactions with a total of over £40 billion.

Their goal at Revolut is for you to be able to manage your entire financial life from a single app. From everyday spending and budgeting to foreign currency exchange and easy-access stock trading. So that you can get more out of your money.

They also have their business account platform, “Revolut for Business”. This is for domestic and international payments, designed to save you time and money.

Free Revolut Bank Mastercard

Revolut US

Revolut has now launched its app and service in the US; anyone can sign up and get a Revolut debit card. In the US, Revolut has partnered with Metropolitan Commercial Bank for the banking infrastructure. Meaning that deposits are FDIC insured for up to $250,000.

Previously in the US, customers were able to sign up to the waiting list, but now they’ll be able to access all of Revolut’s core or basic features. Unfortunately, functionality such as the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies and invest in the stock market, which is currently available in Europe, is yet to come to the US.

Revolut US USA

Using Revolut Abroad

One of the great advantages of using Revolut is that you can spend fee-free at the Interbank rate in 150 countries. Usually, when you spend abroad, you get hit with transactions or hidden charges. However, using Revolut abroad is much like using it in the UK. However, just don’t forget that withdrawals are capped at £200 per month. After that, you are charged a 2% fee regardless if you are abroad or in the UK. However, there are no spending limits on card payments.

How to Create a Foreign Currency Account

If you want to create an account in a foreign currency such as the likes of a USD, Euro, Sterling account, etc. Then you can easily set one up within Revolut.

Within your App, go to your “Dashboard” and click on “show more” under “Accounts“.

Choose “Add Account

Select a currency from the list or search and select your currency.

The account will then be created for you.

Revolut Banking App Create Account

How to Exchange Your Currency on Revolut?

Exchanging is really easy to do within your Revolut Banking App;

  1. Simply open the Revolut App
  2. From the “Accounts” screen, click on Exchange in the centre of your screen.
  3. Select the currency you would like to exchange “From” and enter the amount.
  4. Select the currency you would like to exchange “To”. (The amount will automatically populate for you.)
How to exchange currency in Revolut

Revolut Fees

Revolut Banking Accounts come in three different plans in Europe and 2 plans in the US. There is a free version as well as two paid versions with more advanced features such as insurance, cashback bonuses, and concierge services. Most users will find that the Standard Plan is sufficient. But may opt for paid plans depending on the features required. Below is a list of services that are currently included in each plan.

UK Revolut Pricing & Plans

Extra fees include; 2% on withdrawals over £200 and charges 0.5% for bank transfers over £5,000 a month.

Revolut Price Plans UK

European Revolut Pricing & Plans

Revolut Pricing Euro Europe

US Revolut Pricing & Plans

Revolut Pricing Plans US

Revolut Features


With trading on Revolut, you can own a piece of some of the world’s most well-known companies, including Google, Facebook, Amazon and Tesla. You can invest in a company with as little as 1 dollar with fractional shares. And a great advantage is the fact there are no account minimums. Plus, you can withdraw at any time for free!


Revolut is one of the few crypto-friendly banks in the UK. You can immediately exchange any currency into some of the most popular cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple. However, you do not have access to your private keys, your funds are not safeguarded by Revolut or covered by the FSCS, and you can only send your crypto to other Revolut users and not to another wallet where you would have more control.

Check our guide on the 11 best crypto debit cards for UK investors.

Buying Cryptocurrency BTC ETH with Revolut

Revolut Junior

This kid’s account, “Revolut Junior”, is for ages 7-17. It is available through a parent or guardian with a Revolut Premium or Metal subscription. It’s aimed to help children learn about responsible spending and budgeting, and build healthy, lifelong money habits. It’s an account and prepaid card for your kids to use, controlled by you.

Revolut Junior Account for Kids

Revolut Virtual Cards

With the Revolut banking app, you can create Virtual cards to protect you against online card fraud. These disposable virtual cards automatically clear details after every online transaction. The new card details are instantly generated in your app too.

How to Create a Virtual Card

To generate a Revolut virtual card is a simple process, which we lay out step-by-step below;

  1. Go to “Cards” within your app
  2. Click on the “+” icon in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select “Virtual” and “Get Virtual Card” or “Get Disposable Virtual Card“.
Virtual Cards with revolut

How Safe is Revolut Bank?

One of the downfalls, in my opinion, is that Revolut in the UK is not FCS Approved. The account you hold with Revolut is an electronic money account (and not a standard bank account). Therefore your money is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

However, Revolut is reportedly preparing to apply for a UK banking licence, enabling the firm to offer its customers FSCS-protected deposits and lending services. The app was granted a European banking licence by the Bank of Lithuania in 2018. But the UK has operated as an FCA-authorised e-money institution. At the moment, Revolut only “safeguard” the money they receive from their customers.

If you’re In the US, Revolut has partnered with Metropolitan Commercial Bank for the banking infrastructure. This is great as it means that deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000. 

Revolut Banking License UK

Revolut Security

Some of the great features enabled on the Revolut banking app are security.

Freezing Your Card. If you think you’ve lost or misplaced your card, you can freeze your card instantly without having to speak to your bank. Then, if you find it again, you can simply unfreeze your card from the app!

Location-Based Security. You can enable this feature to block any payments if your card is used in a different location than where you currently are. Please be aware that your location will be tracked when it is switched on.

Controlling Your Card. You can control your card’s features, such as turning off contactless, swipe payments, online payments and ATM withdrawals from your app. Putting you back in control of your account.

Freeze a lost Revolut Card

Revolut Alternatives

Revolut vs Monzo

Both Revolut and Monzo are great apps for travelling, allowing you to manage your money better with spending insights and real-time notifications. Revolut’s focus is on international payments, and you’ll find that international money transfers are the cheapest option. However, Monzo does have a full banking license and provides overdrafts and savings accounts.

Monzo card vs Revolut card

Revolut vs Starling

Revolut and Starling both offer apps that are designed to help you budget. Both automatically categorize your transactions and give insights into where you spend your money.

Where Starling and Revolut differ is that they use the Interbank exchange rate, which is usually cheaper than the Mastercard rate. Starling is free with no £4.99 delivery charge and offer an interest rate of 0.5% as opposed to 0% with Revolut, and the big plus is that Starling has a full banking license.

Revolut vs Wise

Both Wise and Revolut offer very cost-effective international money transfer providers. In my personal experience, I found currency exchange cheaper over on Revolut, although Weekend Rates are definitely more expensive. Both platforms are FCA and not FCSC-regulated like Starling or Monzo. However, TransferWise offers access via a platform and an app, whereas Revolut is only accessible via the app.

With many pros and cons on both sides, take a look at my Wise review and tutorial to decide for yourselves.

Revolut vs Robinhood vs Coinbase vs Uphold

Revolut vs Robinhood Coinbase Uphold

Verdict: Should you use Revolut?

The conclusion of the Revolut Banking App is that Revolut is great for tracking expenses. And perfect for travelling abroad and will certainly save you on fees whilst away. Once Revolut has obtained its banking license in the UK, I will certainly feel safer storing my funds on it, and I think it will then be a force to be reckoned with!


What is Revolut address?

Revolut is based in London, England. For those looking for the Revolut Bank Address, it is; 7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London E14 4HD.

What is Revolut weekend markups for foreign exchanges?

One thing to be aware of is that if you make a currency exchange on Revolut during the weekend, you’ll be charged a markup. That’s because the interbank rate is always fluctuating. Therefore, it may not be the same on a Monday as it was on the previous Friday. The markup is 0.5% for the 15 major currencies and 1% for the others.

Also, remember that card payment, ATM withdrawals and money transfers abroad imply a currency exchange. Therefore, the weekend markup applies in all of these cases. The solution to this is to exchange one of the 29 currencies that Revolut supports in advance (i.e. on a weekday). Then you won’t have to pay this fee.

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