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Established in 2017, Every Bit Helps is dedicated to empowering you to take control of your financial future. We initially embarked on this journey with our YouTube channel and have since evolved into the comprehensive website, EveryBitHelps.io. Our mission is simple – demystifying the complex world of cryptocurrency, investing, and online security with insightful beginner guides and unbiased reviews.

Our team are committed to delivering education that is not only comprehensible but also grounded in the principles of integrity and objectivity. Every piece of content is designed to help you into a world where financial literacy and security are not just words but a lived experience. Empowering our community with robust security practices and self-custody methods, ensuring that your journey into financial autonomy is secure and confident. Each tutorial, guide, and review is tailored to transition you from a novice to a self-assured investor.

We stand by the belief that ‘Every Bit’ counts. Every Bit of knowledge empowers you, Every Bit of effort propels you towards your goals, and Every Bit of progress is a step towards financial independence. We are not just a resource; we are a community of enthusiasts, experts, and learners who believe that every step, no matter how small, is a stride towards a secure financial future.

So, welcome to Every Bit Helps and your journey to financial freedom is not a solitary one; we are with you, Every Bit of the way!

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Meet the Team

Every Bit Helps About

Louise Elizabeth

Every Bit Helps Co-Founder

Louise is a mother of three from the UK, bringing a wealth of experience from her 20-year career in the IT Cyber Security sector before embarking on a new journey in property development.

After joining forces with Ross, they waved farewell to their partying weekends and embraced the role of weekend property developers. While maintaining their full-time jobs, they successfully developed five properties in just three years, demonstrating their relentless dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.

With a keen eye for maximizing returns, they transformed these properties into short-term holiday rentals, better known as Airbnbs. This strategic move not only provided a lucrative side income but also offered them the freedom to retire from their day jobs and embark on full-time travel with their young children.

Louise, who once envisioned a standard 9 to 5 lifestyle, now found herself as an entrepreneur creating YouTube videos – a path she never anticipated. Yet, it’s this unexpected journey that has enabled Louise to live a life full of adventure and financial independence. 

Ross O'Sullivan

Every Bit Helps Co-Founder

Ross held a successful career as an IT Project Manager until 2015. However, his entrepreneurial spirit often clashed with traditional 9-5 employment constraints. After several ventures and ideas, his entrepreneurial journey truly ignited in 2014 when he discovered property investing, inspired by the renowned book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

Ross’s passion for innovation didn’t stop there. He was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013, but it was in 2017 that he finally managed to purchase Bitcoin, despite initial hiccups that made them question the legitimacy of the process. Recognizing the complexities and potential pitfalls in crypto transactions, especially for those less familiar with tech, sparked an idea.

Leveraging Louise’s wealth of experience in IT security and training, they launched the Every Bit Helps YouTube channel in 2017 with a mission to provide clear, easy-to-follow tutorials and how-to guides.

Ross views investing and wealth creation as a self-improvement journey rather than a means to acquire materialistic items. His love for this “game” of self-improvement continues to drive the development of Every Bit Helps.

About Every Bit Helps

Brittnay Chippendale

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Brittany is the Marketing and Social media manager for Every Bit Helps YouTube channel & website. After her exploration into NFT’s a few years ago Brittany was fascinated by the opportunities the technology had to offer.

She was inspired by some of the communities in the space and began putting her marketing and social media skills into Web3 and has been heavily involved ever since. Whilst working in NFT marketing she spends her spare time creating NFT art helping other artists to do the same.

Every Bit Helps Editor

Ali Tejani

Editor & Writer

After working in the education sector for 3 years, Ali stumbled upon Bitcoin in 2021. The technology intrigued him, and after a few months, he quit his job to explore a full-time writing career in Web3.

Currently, he writes content and copy for renowned blockchain companies. He loves football, travelling and educating people on blockchain technology.

Every Bit Helps Writer

Hassan Maishera

Content Writer

Hassan is a Nigeria-based financial content creator that has invested in many different blockchain projects, including Bitcoin, Ether, and Solana.

He has developed a broad knowledge of the crypto space during the five years he has spent as a fintech writer. Hassan has covered a wide range of crypto topics for sites including Coinjournal, Blokt, Coinsspent, Cryptowisser, and FX Empire.

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