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Every Bit Helps YouTube channel was created in 2017 as a way to help educate newbies to buy their first cryptocurrency. After first hearing about Bitcoin in 2013, Ross tried (and failed) to buy Bitcoin. It wasn’t until 2017 that we finally jumped in and used Coinbase & Blockchain.com.

The process wasn’t straightforward and we thought we had been scammed. If it was difficult for us, who were reasonably “tech-savvy”, we could only imagine how other people felt going through this.

We felt that with Louise’s experience in security and as an IT trainer, we could provide basic, beginner style tutorials and how-to guides. So with bad audio and a webcam, Louise created her first Coinbase tutorial. With an aim to give our viewers the tools they needed to make their own decisions.

We really hope you find our website and YouTube channel valuable and beneficial.

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EBH Co-Founder

Louise Elizabeth

Louise is a British mum of two, who worked in the IT Cyber Security industry for over 20 years.

After meeting Ross & with their partying weekends behind them, they decided to become weekend property developers. While working their day jobs, they developed 5 properties in 3 years.

To maximize their returns, they turned these properties into short-term holiday rentals, also known as Airbnbs. This allowed them to create a side income and the ability to give up their day jobs, then travel full time with their 2 small children.

Creating YouTube videos wasn’t something Louise ever thought she would be doing, (nor working for herself), she always imagined working the standard 9 to 5 lifestyle.

About Every Bit Helps
EBH Co-Founder

Ross O'Sullivan

Ross is a British/Irish dad of two, who worked as an IT Project Manager until leaving his career in 2015.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Ross never really fitted in working the traditional 9-5. With lots of ideas and failed ventures, it wasn’t until 2014 that he decided to start property investing after being inspired by ¨Rich Dad Poor Dad¨.

Ross has a love of investing & making money. He sees the process as a game for self-improvement rather than wanting to buy materialistic items.

About Every Bit Helps

Brittnay Chippendale

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Brittany is the Marketing and Social media manager for Every Bit Helps YouTube channel & website. After her exploration into NFT’s a few years ago Brittany was fascinated by the opportunities the technology had to offer.

She was inspired by some of the communities in the space and began putting her marketing and social media skills into Web3 and has been heavily involved ever since. Whilst working in NFT marketing she spends her spare time creating NFT art helping other artists to do the same.

Every Bit Helps Editor