Beginners Guide to Coinbase Advance Trade

Coinbase Advanced Trade Review: Features, Security, Pros & Cons

In this Coinbase Advanced Trade review, we’ll take a look at what is Coinbase Advanced Trade, what cryptocurrencies are supported, the fees, security and differences between the platform and Coinbase Pro.

If you’re looking for a way to save on Coinbase trading fees and create more advanced trades, Coinbase has now integrated Coinbase Advanced Trade. A way that you can set limit and stop orders, check real-time orders books and dive into advanced charts powered by TradingView.

So, let’s jump into this Coinbase Advanced Trade review to help you work out with Coinbase is the right crypto exchange for you.

Coinbase Advanced Trade Review

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What is Coinbase Advanced Trade?

Coinbase Advanced Trade is the advanced trading platform replacing their previous crypto trading platform Coinbase Pro.

In June 2022, Coinbase announced they would be sunsetting Coinbase Pro “to give customers a streamlined trading experience and access to all other popular Coinbase features from one account”. 

Coinbase Advanced Trade still has the same real-time order books, liquidity, and low volume-based fees as Coinbase Pro. Plus, it allows experienced traders a way to buy, sell and trade their crypto assets across various trading pairs using more advanced order types.

what is coinbase advanced trade

What is Coinbase? is one of the most popular online crypto trading platforms for buying and selling digital assets, such as Bitcoin. Founded in 2012, Coinbase is one of the longest-standing cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

It’s ideal for new users getting into crypto and purchasing their first Bitcoin with the likes of a credit/debit card or via bank transfer. Plus, Coinbase offers its users a whole range of products and services, including an advanced trading feature, ways to earn interest on your crypto or learn about crypto, an NFT marketplace, and their own Coinbase Wallet.

What is Coinbase

What is Coinbase Pro?

Coinbase created Coinbase Pro for those who wanted to trade using more advanced features. These included limit and stop orders, tracking real-time order books and exploring charts.

Coinbase Pro was also an easy way to save on Coinbase fees which were notoriously high. This is because the fees on Coinbase Pro were at a fraction of the cost, meaning that they wouldn’t eat into their user’s profits.

In June 2022, Coinbase announced they would be sunsetting Coinbase Pro to bring more advanced trading tools to with Coinbase Advanced Trading.

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Coinbase Advanced Trade Features

Coinbase Advanced Trade to designed for the more experienced trader. However, it offers a whole host of features that anyone can also use. Below is a list of some of the most popular features;

Coinbase Advanced Trade features

Advanced Charts

Coinbase Advanced Trade includes some advanced charts for experienced traders who are looking to analyse the crypto markets. TradingView powers the charts with EMA, MA, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and drawing tools. Plus, they have more indicators coming soon.

Coinbase Trading View Charts


Coinbase allows users to earn interest on their cryptocurrency with rates up to 7% APY on eligible crypto balances like USDC, staked ETH (ETH2), and others.

Coinbase Rewards

Mobile App

For those who want to track and trade on the go, Coinbase Advanced Trade is also available as a mobile app. To start using Coinbase Advanced Trade on the mobile app, customers need to download the latest version of the Coinbase app, which is available for Android and iOS.

Advanced Trade API

The Advanced Trade API allows you to manage orders, fees, and products with Coinbase’s new v3 endpoints.

Advanced Trade API for REST and Websocket protocols are now available to all users in a public beta.  Once it’s launched, Coinbase will notify their Coinbase Pro API customers to move their Pro balances to Advanced Trade on Coinbase. Until then, customers can continue to use Coinbase Pro APIs for their trading needs.

Supported Crypto Pairs

Coinbase Advanced Trade supports 550 active trading pairs and has over 235 tradeable assets. These include popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Plus, they also support tokens on the Solana, Avalanche C-Chain, Polygon, and Algorand networks.

Unlike many cryptocurrency exchanges, you can also trade in FIAT markets, including GBP, EUR and USD, using Coinbase Advanced Trade. Therefore, you don’t have to own any crypto before you start.

You can check out a full list of supported crypto on the Coinbase site.

Coinbase Advance Trade, Trading Pairs


With Coinbase Advanced Trade, there are no subscription fees to pay when trading. Deposits are also fee-free.

Their trading fees are based on a maker/taker model and on your 30-day trading volume on Coinbase Pro and Advanced Trade. However, generally speaking, these fees are ≤ 0.4% for maker trading orders and ≤ 0.6% for taker trading orders.

In terms of withdrawal fees, these will vary depending on your method, location and type of withdrawal. In the UK, you can withdraw cash (or FIAT) to some banks and also to a linked Paypal account for free.

Cryptocurrency withdrawals will incur a network fee to be paid to complete on the blockchain. This price and speed will vary depending on network conditions.

Crypto Trading Fees

Pricing TierTaker FeeMaker Fee
$10k – $50k0.40%0.25%
$50k – $100k0.25%0.15%
$100k – $1m0.20%0.10%
$1m – $15m0.18%0.08%
$15m – $75m0.16%0.06%
$75m – $250m0.12%0.03%
$250m – $400m0.08%0.00%

Stable Coin Trading Fees

Taker FeeMaker Fee
Stable Coins

Click here to see the full breakdown of the Coinbase Advanced Trade Fees.


To ensure the safety of their users and the trading platform’s digital assets, Coinbase Advance Trade employ several security measures, these include;

  • Address Whitelisting (aka Allowlist)
  • 2-factor authentication and biometrics for mobile
  • FDIC-insured USD balances up to $250K
  • YubiKey for mobile
  • Coinbase Vault

Coinbase Advanced Trade vs Coinbase Pro

Coinbase has introduced Coinbase Advanced Trade to replace their previous advanced trading platform Coinbase Pro, but what are the main differences? In reality, not a great deal. The fees have remained the same with the same supported market pairs.

However, more advanced charts and features are now available due to its integration with the platform.

Below is a full list of similarities/differences between Coinbase Advanced Trade vs Coinbase Pro;

Advanced TradeCoinbase Pro
Fees<=0.4% maker
<=0.6% taker
<=0.4% maker
<=0.6% taker
RewardsEarn up to 7% APY on eligible crypto balances
Not Supported
Asset LiabilityAll market pairs are supported on Coinbase Pro.
350+ Market Pairs
Order TypesMarket, Limit, Stop Limit
Market, Limit, Stop Limit
ChartsCharts powered by TradingView including;
EMA, MA, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and drawing tools
Basics charts with EMA12 and EMA26 indicators.
Security– 2FA
– Biometrics for Mobile
– FDIC Insured USD Balances up to $250K
– YubiKey for mobile
Coinbase Vault
Address Whitelisting (aka Allowlist)
– 2FA
– Biometrics for Mobile
Address Whitelisting
– FDIC Insured USD Balances up to $250K
Mobile AppYesYes
APIComing in mid-2022

Verdict: Should you use Coinbase Advance Trade?

If you’re looking for a platform to get started with, along with the ability to step into more advanced features, Coinbase Advanced Trade could be an ideal platform. Integrating an advanced trading platform into makes it much more user-friendly and less complicated than operating across 2 separate platforms.

It’s also a great way for traders to save on fees when buying and selling crypto. Although the trading screen can initially look daunting for newbies, by learning how to use it, you can make the most of your profits when trading on Coinbase.

We hope you found our Coinbase Advanced Trade review useful; if you have been using Advance Trade, let us know what you think in the comments below.


Is Advanced Trade Coinbase free?

Coinbase Advanced trade is free to use, and there are no subscriptions. You will only pay a trading fee of a maximum of 0.6%. This trading fee is incredibly low compared to Coinbase’s simple trade fees, which are at a premium.

How do I enable Advanced Trade in Coinbase?

You do not need to enable Advanced Trade in Coinbase, as this has already been integrated into the platform. Simply go to “Trade” from within and choose “Advanced” from the top of the screen.

Is Advanced Trade better than Coinbase Pro?

Advanced Trade is the replacement for Coinbase Pro; the fact that it is now integrated into Coinbase as opposed to a separate platform, in our opinion, makes it better and easier for users.

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