U.K. Crypto Compliance: Exchanges to Meet FinProm Standards

U.K. Crypto Compliance: Exchanges to Meet FinProm Standards

Leading cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and OKX, along with crypto payment service MoonPay, have announced steps to align with the U.K.’s newly enacted Financial Promotions (FinProm) Regime. The new regulations, implemented by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on October 8, aim to ensure fair, clean, and transparent crypto promotions in the country.

Binance has responded proactively by launching a new Binance domain exclusively for U.K. retail users. Starting October 8, users will be redirected to this localized domain, which will feature only those Binance products and services that adhere to U.K. regulations. The exchange has ceased to offer products like gift cards, referral bonuses, academy, and research in compliance with the new FCA rules.

OKX, on the other hand, has streamlined its token offerings and incorporated eye-catching risk warnings on its interface to educate investors about the potential risks associated with crypto investments. The exchange is committed to transparency and education, ensuring that investors are well-informed before diving into the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

#OKX will continue to provide crypto services to our UK clients.

MoonPay is another crypto player diligently working to meet the FinProm rules. The firm is navigating the complexities of operating a global business while ensuring localized compliance with the U.K.’s stringent regulations.

However, the journey to compliance has not been uniform. The FCA has flagged KuCoin and HTX as “non-authorized firms,” indicating a disparity in the adaptation to the new regulatory landscape.

As the U.K. strengthens its regulatory framework to foster a safer and more transparent crypto environment, crypto firms’ adaptability and responsiveness will be tested. The industry’s ability to innovate and comply will shape the future of digital assets in the region, balancing the scales of innovation and regulation.

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