Binance Unveils UK Domain to Aligned with New Financial Rules

Binance Unveils UK Domain to Align with New Financial Rules

In a significant move, Binance has unveiled a new domain specifically for UK users, marking its adherence to the updated Financial Promotions Regime. This development is a result of a strategic partnership with Rebuildingsociety.com Limited, a firm regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and authorized to approve crypto marketing and communications materials.

From October 8, 2023, UK retail users will be automatically redirected to www.binance.com/en-GB, a platform tailored to showcase only those Binance products and services that align with the stringent UK regulations. This adaptation ensures that Binance continues to operate within the legal framework, offering services like fiat and crypto deposits and withdrawals, spot trading, margin trading, and others while excluding offerings like Gift Cards and Academies, which are not compliant with the new rules.

Binance CZ Tweet about Binance UK

Binance’s commitment to global regulatory compliance is underscored by this initiative, ensuring uninterrupted service to its users while adhering to legal mandates. The collaboration with Rebuildingsociety.com exemplifies Binance’s dedication to fostering a secure and regulated environment for its clientele.

Products and services available to Binance UK retail users include;

  • Fiat and crypto deposits and withdrawals
  • Spot Trading 
  • Margin Trading
  • Convert
  • NFT marketplace
  • Binance Pay
  • Crypto Loans
  • Launchpad

Products no longer available to Binance UK retail include;

  • Gift Cards
  • Academy 
  • Research 
  • Feed
  • Referral bonuses
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