How to get a TOTUM Student Card when not a student

How To Get A TOTUM Student Card When Not a Student?

Looking to get your hands on a TOTUM student discount card but not a student? This guide will teach you how to get a TOTUM student card while not a student, plus some of the best TOTUM discounts and offers to expect.

If you’re already a student or heading off to college or university in 2022, you will look for ways to save and make your pennies stretch a little further. As my nan would say, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” and getting a TOTUM student discount card is a fantastic way to start saving those pennies. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a TOTUM card by signing up for an online course I found on Groupon and have easily saved £100s over the last few years.

What is a TOTUM Card?

TOTUM, formerly known as an NUS (National Union of Students) Extra, is the UK’s number 1 student discount card. TOTUM has some of the best UK student discounts available online and in-store. Saving on top brands such as; Amazon Prime, ASOS, Apple, Pizza Express, Boohoo and many more.

Not only does TOTUM offer over 200+ discounts in the UK, but you can also expect discounts in over 130+ countries with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The TOTUM card comes with 1 year of free ISIC. The ISIC card is the only internationally accepted proof of certified student status. You can expect to receive discounts from the likes of STA Travel, Lonely Planet, Eurolines, etc.

How to get a TOTUM Card 2020

TOTUM PRO Student Card

TOTUM PRO is a card made for professional learners. Including fantastic discounts and offers from a huge range of high street and online brands. With prices starting from £14.99.

TOTUM Lite Student Card

TOTUM Lite is free and is available to verified students. It includes a curated list of top-brand discounts and offers.

TOTUM Gourmet Society Add-on

With TOTUM’s Gourmet Society Add-on, you will never have to pay full price again! Enjoy 2-for-1 or up to 50% off meals at around 7,000 top restaurants across the UK, including big-name chains such as; Pizza Express, La Tasca, Bella Italia, Strada and Café Rouge.

Tip: Love MacDonalds? When buying a meal, show them your TOTUM card, and you will receive a burger or MacFlurry for FREE!!

Best TOTUM Student Discounts

Just by signing up for a TOTUM card, you’ll get over 200+ UK student discounts. If you live in a city or near a local university, you may find many local businesses offering student discounts. So always make sure you ask the question when paying!

Amazon Student Prime

Some of the best student discounts I have received with my TOTUM card were from Amazon Student Prime. When signing up for Prime Student, you will receive 6-months totally free.

Cost of Amazon Prime Student

Cancel Prime Student after 6 months. Will I be charged?

The simple answer is no; you won’t be charged if you cancel your Amazon Prime Student membership. Just remember to cancel your Prime subscription before the free trial ends! Amazon will automatically charge you the annual membership fee if you fail to cancel. However, the annual membership fee will be 50% off the regular price.

How to cancel Amazon Prime

ODEON Student Discount

ODEON cinemas are one of the biggest cinema chains in the UK, with 120 cinemas and 950 screens. When you show your student card, you will receive an extra 25% off ODEON student ticket prices from Monday – Thursday. ODEON ticket prices may vary, so do make sure you check with your local ODEON.

Apple Student Discount

Another huge benefit of TOTUM is the massive potential savings on Apple products with their special educational discount. Save up to 5-10% on Macs, iPads and accessories, and up to 50% on Apple Care. Unfortunately, I haven’t found discounts on Apple software such as Final Cut Pro.

ASOS Student Discount

TOTUM and ASOS have also partnered, giving you 10% off online shopping. This includes over 850 brands Nike, Adidas and Lacoste – as well as their own range of clothing, homeware and accessories. To get your ASOS student discount, you need to use a unique code provided by TOTUM, either using their app or website.

Other TOTUM Student Discounts!

  • Beauty – Superdrug, Nicky Clarke, Look Fantastic, Sally’s Beauty
  • Eating Out – Pizza Express, ASK Italian, Zizzis, Frankie & Bennies, Giraffe
  • Entertainment – Alton Towers, Go Ape, The London Eye, Odeon, Virgin Experience Days
  • Fashion – Accessorize,, Coast, New Look, Jack Wills, Karen Millen
  • Finance – FT, Economist
Save money with Totum student card
  • Health & Fitness – British Military Fitness, Durex, Garmin, Vision Express, The Gym
  • Music & Technology – Prime Student Membership, Apple, Co-op Mobile
  • Supermarkets – Co-Op,
  • Travel – Railcards, BSM,, National Express, STA Travel
  • Uni Essentials – WHSmith, UniBulkBuy, Firebox, Johnsons Cleaners

TOTUM Card Student Hack

Just over three years ago, I got an NUS student discount card (now called TOTUM) whilst not actually going to a college or university. With this money-saving hack, I quickly learned how powerful the TOTUM student discount card was and how much money could be saved. I now receive student discounts at my local Gym every time I go to the likes of TopShop, Nicky Clarke hair salon, Pizza Express, Apple, and even on my Amazon Prime membership (Free for 6 months).

How to get a TOTUM Card when not a student?

Okay, I hear you; you’re not a student and haven’t been for 10-plus years; your days of drinking Lambrini and eating a spicy pot noodle are long gone and not to be revisited. So, how do you get a TOTUM student card when not a student?

We now live in the internet age, and you no longer have to sit in that classroom to gain that education or, for the reason of this post, get your hands on that student discount card.

It’s 2021 (or 2022 if you’re reading this in a year’s time), and we now have online learning courses! And the best thing? Some of them are super cheap (especially via discount sites such as Groupon, Wowcher, and GoGroupie), so well worth the registration plus the cost of a year’s NUS student membership to receive 10% off your next Boohoo order.

How to Sign Up for TOTUM Student Card?

To sign up for a TOTUM card, head over to their website TOTUM where you’ll be asked to enter your email address and create a secure password. If you have a college or university email address, you can add it here. If not, you can add your personal email.

TOTUM Card Sign Up

Create TOTUM Account Details

This part is pretty self-explanatory; you’ll simply need to enter your personal details, including your DOB.

Save money with a student card

Where do You Study?

This is the tricky part of the process… especially if you’re not “technically” at a College or University and are using an online course to get your card. However, having recently gone through this process, if you enter “Barnfield South Academy” and click on “Verify My Student Status”, this should go through without verifying any additional college or university identification.

UK Student Discounts when not a student

Choose your TOTUM Card

This part is totally up to you if you go for TOTUM PRO, TOTUM or TOTUM LITE. Due to this process being a little temperamental, I would recommend paying for the 3-year plan. This will also work out to be the cheapest option over time.

The likes of E Careers and New Skills Academy no longer have a partnership with TOTUM. So please check the TOTUM website to see if your course is supported before signing up for a course!

Choose your TOTUM bundle

TOTUM Terms & Conditions

  1. For full terms and conditions, go here.
  2. The one-off fee of £12/£22/£32 entitles you to a TOTUM card, which is valid for 12/24/36 months from the date of purchase. Other offers may apply.
  3. The TOTUM card is available to students aged 16 or over, studying full or part-time in further or higher education. To be eligible for a TOTUM card, your course should require at least 10 hours of study weekly for a minimum of 12 weeks. Additionally, courses carried out by professional learners should be recognised, accredited courses. Certain exceptions apply.
  4. The TOTUM card benefits you with discounts on certain products and services. The discounts available to you and the organisations providing such benefits are not fixed and may vary or be withdrawn at any time.
  5. The TOTUM card is not certified proof of age card.
  6. As your TOTUM card includes a free ISIC upgrade, it remains the property of OneVoice Digital Ltd, under the licence of the ISIC Association.
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  1. Hello, I am struggling to find an online course that allows me to get an NUS card…
    Totum seem to have gotten rid of many online courses.

    Please advise on which ones are still active. Willing to pay a fair amount for a course since I will use it for the gym and save a lot.


    1. Hiya. I doubt that you will read this but putting in King Study as a place of study is a loophole at this present time as you don’t need to provide any verication.

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