Earnifi Review 2022: How to Claim Crypto Airdrops

EarniFi Review: How to Find & Claim Crypto Airdrops (2022)

This EarniFi review provides an overview of EarniFi and how to find and claim cryptocurrency airdrops.

Millions of dollars have been released in crypto airdrops over the last few years, and some of these airdrops have been life-changing for people. UniSwap and 1INCH were some of the biggest airdrops in 2021, with lots of noise on Twitter and YouTube, with users sharing their windfall. However, some smaller airdrops can go unnoticed, even by us at Every Bit Helps.

One way to track these crypto airdrops and get notified is by using EarniFi, so let’s jump into this review to find out more.

EarniFi Review: How to Claim Crypto Airdrops?

Claim Crypto Airdrops

What is EarniFi?

Earni.Fi was created by DeFi Dawson and allows users to track the number of blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon addresses for airdrops. Some airdrops will often have an expiration date; after that, you lose the opportunity to claim your free crypto. However, Earnifi solves this by notifying users when they have an airdrop available to claim.

What is EarniFi?

How Much Does EarniFi Cost?

EarniFi has two plans available, their paid “Premium” plan at $21 per month and their “Basic” Free plan. You can pay using ETH or monthly card payments, there’s also a discount available if you pay upfront for a year.

Find Unclaimed Airdrops

EarniFi Basic Free Plan

EarniFi “Basic” allows users to claim basic crypto airdrops and POAPs (aka Proof of Attendance Protocol). If you’re a free Basic user, you may see airdrops with a “?“. These are airdrops that can be claimed, but you will need a Premium plan to reveal the airdrop.

The Basic Free plan includes,

  • Basic Airdrops
  • Watch up to Two Addresses
  • Email Alerts for Basic Airdrops

EarniFi Premium Plan

Honestly, if you’re regularly interacting with DeFi protocols, this plan should pay for itself.

The Premium plan includes,

  • Premium & Basic Airdrops
  • Watch up to 10 Crypto Address
  • Email Alerts for Premium & Basic Airdrops
  • Upcoming Airdrop Recommendations
  • Auto-Claim New POAPs
How much does EarniFi Cost

How to Claim Airdrops with EarniFi?

When claiming your airdrops via EarniFi, you will either be directed to the site to claim, or you may be redirected to the platform to claim directly from within their site. EarniFi doesn’t charge any additional fees for this service. Plus, you can claim your airdrop using any wallet address, not just the wallet that has received the airdrop.

Claim Crypto Airdrops

What Blockchains Does EarniFi Support?

EarniFi searches for airdrops and NFTs across multiple blockchains, including;

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