Coinbase Offers Zero Trading Fees for UK Crypto Traders

Coinbase Offers Zero Trading Fees for UK Crypto Traders

In a recent move to attract more traders and showcase their improved trading experience, Coinbase has announced a special promotion for its UK customers. For a limited time, from September 8 to October 7, 2023, Coinbase is waiving all trading fees on its Advanced Trade platform for UK users.

Coinbase’s Advanced Trade is designed for experienced traders, offering a range of enhanced tools, including interactive charts powered by TradingView and advanced limit and stop orders. Typically, the fees for Advanced Trade are capped at less than or equal to 0.4% for maker trading orders and less than or equal to 0.6% for taker trading orders. However, during this promotional period, both maker and taker fees for UK customers have been reduced to zero.

Coinbase Zero Trading Fees

The reason we are running this campaign is because we have made a number of improvements to the advanced trading experience over the past year, and we want UK traders to experience those updates for themselves and share their feedback with us.

Scott Shapiro, Coinbase Senior Director of Product Management

Furthermore, Shapiro highlighted a significant update for traders outside the U.S. Previously, these traders needed US dollars to access Coinbase’s USD Markets. Now, with the unification of USD and USDC order books, traders can easily trade on these liquid USD markets using USDC, ensuring the same price execution without the need to hold USD. Additionally, traders holding USDC can earn up to 5% rewards.

Coinbase Advanced Trade Offer Free Trading Fees in the UK
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