CleanMyMac Review 2022

CleanMyMac X Review 2023: Clean & Protect your MacBook

This CleanMyMac X review will explain how you can make your Mac computer run more efficiently by removing malware and unnecessary files that may be clogging up and slowing down your machine.

If your MacBook laptop or computer has started to slow down recently, or if you’re running out of space, you may need to clean up your Mac.

So, let’s dive into this CleanMyMac X review to work out if this software from MacPaw is right for you.

CleanMyMac X Review: How to use CleanMyMac X

Is CleanMyMac X worth it?

What is CleanMyMac?

CleanMyMac X is a software tool that helps you to clean your Mac of clutter and makes your computer run like new. The app takes care of removing all your junk and malware and makes your computer faster and more organized.

The more you use your Mac, the more temporary files, applications, or large files will build up unnoticed until you realize that you’re out of space or find that you’re apps are crashing.

CleanMyMac by MacPaw

Is Clean My Mac Free?

You will require a paid license or subscription to unlock all of CleanMyMac’s features. However, you can try Clean My Mac X free before purchasing, which includes a lot of features. There will be some limitations, such as the amount of junk you can remove, but it’s a great way to try out the software and read this CleanMyMac X review before committing to buy.

CleanMyMac can be purchased as a one-time purchase, or you can subscribe year by year. The cost depends on the number of Macs you want to license.

payment plans for clean my mac

CleanMyMac X Features

Once you have downloaded and installed CleanMyMac X, you can start up the application and scan your Mac for Malware to free up some space.

Smart Scan

The CleanMyMac Smart Scan is really the starting point when scanning your Apple device. Depending on whether you are on a free trial or subscription, it will combine its different modules. These modules include;

  • System Junk
  • Photo Junk
  • Mail attachments
  • iTunes Junk
  • Trash bins
  • Malware Removal
  • Maintenance

If it’s the first time you are running it, the smart scan may take some time, but once it’s finished, you’ll see the total amount of data that can be safely removed from threats and optimized tasks.

CleanMyMac Dashboard

System Junk

Within the Clean My Mac X System Junk module, you can quickly scan and locate and remove any temporary files that may be stored on your machine. It will also go away and find and remove any broken items that may result in wrong application behaviour.

Free up space on your mac

Photo Junk

Photo Junk will remove any wasted space and temporary files within your Photos that may be taking up your valuable storage.

Mail Attachments

The Clean My Mac Ap, Mail Attachments function helps to save space by removing copies of your email and attachments that you may have downloaded. It also optimizes so that your mail no longer stores things such as company logos and smaller attachments.

Remove Clutter from your Laptop

Trash Bins

The Trash bins module is pretty much what it says on the label; it removes your trash. But not only that, but Clean My Mac will look through all your applications and find anything that has been sent for deletion. This includes your mail and photo libraries.

Malware Removal

Security within a Mac is definitely stronger, and you should technically have less malware than a PC. But this doesn’t mean to say that your Mac won’t be acceptable to attach. Therefore this is a really valuable tool that will detect and neutralize malware threats: viruses, adware, worms, and spyware.


Privacy will save you time opening every browser and manually deleting your browsing and download history as it does it all in one place. It will also get rid of your chat data like Skype or Messages.


The Optimization feature will scan your computer and find apps that are slowing it down. It then restarts them and takes your login items to run them more efficiently.

Optimisation Free Up RAM


Within Maintenance, it will improve your hard drive performance and also free up some RAM. It will also reindex your Spotlight database, which should help with speed and quality.


CleanMyMac Uninstaller tool allows you to choose an application that you’d like to remove and will easily and quickly perform this task for you. So there’s no need to move certain files across to the trash bin, and you’ll know that all traces will be removed from your Mac.


The Updater tool is handy as it will show you all the updates you need to run in one place. This is great as having the latest version means that your computer will run more efficiently.


Within CleanMyMac Extensions, you can disable this on-demand and also remove these in their entirety with all related items.


The SpaceLens tool gives you a size comparison of your folders and files to see which files are taking up the most space.

1733 597833CleanMyMacX

Large & Old Files

CleanMyMac X Large and Old Files feature reviews all your files and will find any that are large and old for you to review and see whether they are still needed.


The Shredder is a more secure process of deleting your files and folders. You also won’t have any issues with Finder errors occurring.

How to Clean Your Mac with inbuilt Tools?

If you’d prefer not to use third-party software to clean your Mac, you can use the tools that are inbuilt into your machine and manually declutter it. The first thing you will need to do is check how much storage is available.

Go to the Apple icon on the top left-hand side of your desktop and select “About this Computer“.

Select the “Storage” tab from the top. This will show you how much space you have available. If you have under around 20% space available, you may find that your apps are crashing or your computer is running slowly.

Mac Storage

Click “Manage“. You will then be presented with some recommendations.

Under the “Applications” tab on the left, you can delete and uninstall apps you are no longer using to help free up some space. It’s also handy to sort this by “Last Accessed” to get an idea if you are still using these.

The “Documents” tab will help you to sort through documents and erase files you no longer need. These are categorized by “Large Files“, “Downloads“, “Unsupported Apps“, and your “File Browser“.

Managing your Mac storage

Take a look through your large files and delete any you no longer require to free up some disk space. Please be aware. if you click on “Delete”, this is immediate and does not go into the Trash Bin.

Also, search “Downloads” for any files you don’t need. You may find that there are installer package files. These are required to install software but are no longer required once you have installed the app.

Under the “Music” tab is worth checking to see if you have any old podcasts in there. Or music that you no longer need.

Review and open your “Photos” and videos to see if there is any way you can free up some space there. I’d recommend using iCloud if you can. In this way, you can feel a little less anxious about deleting these types of files from your Mac.

Declutter your Mac

Conclusion: Is CleanMyMac X Worth it?

CleanMyMac is an all-rounder for mac users and offers plenty of easy-to-use tools that can quickly clean, protect and speed up your Mac. The slick design would make you think the software was made by Apple itself. Our CleanMyMac X review shows that it’s very easy to navigate and use, even for the technophobe.

The price tag may put some people off, but if your device is running slow, it might be worth giving it a go and seeing if it could spring your Mac back to life. CleanMyMac X was checked and notarized by Apple as software that has no malicious components.


Is Clean My Mac X safe?

Yes, CleanMyMac X is safe. However, it is recommended that you back up your computer first. Because you have the ability to delete files from your hard drive, you need to make sure you aren’t deleting any required files. Also, just because a file is large doesn’t mean it isn’t needed so only delete files when you are 100% happy to do so.

Is Clean My Mac Freeware?

There is a free version of Clean My Mac X, however, to run all of the Clean My Mac X services, users will need to purchase a subscription.

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