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How to Find your OKX Wallet Address (2023)

This beginner’s guide will explain how to find your OKX wallet address on the OKX Exchange and the OKX Mobile App so that you can send crypto to your OKX account.

If you’re new to OKX and the world of crypto, some tasks can seem confusing or daunting. For example, you’ll first need your wallet address to send or receive crypto into your OKX account. It’s also really important you choose the correct wallet address and select the right network. As crypto transactions are not retractable, you risk losing your funds if you make a mistake.

So, let’s dive in and help you find your OKX crypto wallet address for the OKX Mobile App and OKX Exchange web platform.

How to Find Your OKX Wallet Address Tutorial

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How to Find Your OKX Exchange Wallet Address

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Finding your crypto wallet address on the OKX is pretty simple but can be confusing if you’re just starting out. Therefore, we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to help you find your OKX wallet address from the exchange, plus we also provide you with a few tips along the way.

  1. Log in to the OKX Exchange

    Log in to your OKX Exchange and choose “Assets” from the top right-hand side of the screen, then choose “Deposit” from the dropdown list.

    Find OKX Wallet Address

  2. Select Cryptocurrencies

    Choose the cryptocurrency you’d like to deposit from the deposit screen.

    Crypto Wallet Address OKX

  3. Select a Deposit Network

    Some cryptos can be transferred on multiple networks or blockchains. If this is the case, you will have options appearing from the “Deposit Network” dropdown.
    To choose the correct network, you must check which network you are sending your tokens.
    Then choose “Continue”.

    Please note that you risk losing your crypto if the network is incorrectly selected.

    OKX deposit Networks

  4. Copy your OKX Wallet Address

    You will then be presented with your OKX wallet address. This is the address for the specific crypto and network you have chosen. A new deposit address and QR code will be provided if you change networks.

    Copy the address by clicking on the “copy” icon to the right of the address.

    Alternatively, a mobile device can scan the QR code (which contains your address).

    OKX Bitcoin Wallet Address & QR Code

  5. You have your OKX Wallet Address!

    Congratulations! As you can see, finding your OKX Wallet address is pretty straightforward. The most important thing is not to rush and make sure you choose the right wallet for the token you want to send or receive.

    We recommend sending across a test amount first, especially when the network fees are low. We also recommend copying and pasting the crypto wallet address or using a QR. Once you have pasted the address, double-check the first three letters and last 3 to ensure that the address is complete and correct.

How to Find your Wallet Address on OKX Mobile App

If you are looking to find your crypto wallet address on the OKX App, follow the steps outlined in this guide below;

Step 1: Log in to the OKX Mobile App

Open and log in to your OKX App and ensure you are on the “Assets” tab from the bottom of the screen on the far right.

OKX Mobile App Wallet Address

Step 2: Choose “Deposit” & Select Your Crypto

Choose the “Deposit” icon from the underneath your balance. Some of the most popular assets will display at the top of the list, or you can search for the cryptocurrency you want to deposit.

OKX Mobile Find Crypto Address

Step 3: Select a Network

If multiple networks are available, you can select the network you will be sending your crypto on.

OKX Mobile App Deposit Networks

Step 5: Copy your Address

You’ll then be presented with the QR code and the wallet address underneath it, which you can then simply copy by choosing the “Copy” icon.

OKX Mobile Copy Wallet Address

Step 6: You have your OKX Mobile App Wallet Address!

Congratulations, you now have your OKX Mobile App wallet address for your selected cryptocurrency and network.

What is OKX?

OKX Exchange is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that offers a secure, fast, and user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and trading digital assets. With a strong focus on security and customer support, OKX Exchange provides a reliable and trustworthy environment for trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

With an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of trading tools, OKX Exchange makes it simple and straightforward for users to manage their portfolios and achieve their investment goals. Whether you’re an experienced trader or just getting started with cryptocurrencies, OKX Exchange is the ideal platform for anyone looking to buy, sell, or trade digital assets confidently.

What is OKX?

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet Address?

A cryptocurrency wallet address is a string of characters used to send and receive cryptocurrency. Similar to an address in the real world, each address is unique. It also varies in terms of characters, numbers and length.

If you want to send cryptocurrency to a wallet, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet address to send your funds. Each cryptocurrency will have a different wallet address. Plus, this may vary depending on the network or the blockchain you send your funds on.

For example, if you are sending Bitcoin, you will need to find your Bitcoin address to send it to. In the world of crypto, transactions are non-retractable, so if you send Ethereum to a Bitcoin address, you will risk losing your funds. Therefore, finding the correct wallet address for your deposit is crucial.

What is a crypto wallet address


If you are depositing (or receiving) crypto into your OKX account, finding the address for the specific cryptocurrency being sent is important.

When an address is incorrectly entered, deposits can fail, and you risk losing your crypto. When you send your funds, you must check the network you are sending your crypto on and see if an associated memo or reference is required.

We’d recommend double-checking wallet addresses before sending your crypto to them. Also, it may be worth sending a test transaction first to ensure that it completes successfully before sending all your crypto.

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How do I get my OKX wallet address?

You will find your OKX wallet address from the Assets screen, choose the deposit icon, and search for your crypto. Each cryptocurrency has its own crypto address and associated QR code, which contains the wallet address.

What is an OKX Deposit Network?

A deposit network address is a network or the chain you send your crypto on. Some cryptos can be transferred on multiple networks or blockchains. If this is the case, you will have options appearing from the “Deposit Network” dropdown within OKX. These networks can help to save on fees when depositing crypto.

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