OKX Referral Code 2022

OKX Referral Code 2022: Get a 10k Mystery Box & $10 BTC Bonus

If you’re looking for an OKX Exchange Referral Code that works, you’ve come to the right place!

This guide shares our exclusive OKX Referral Code for December 2022. When you sign up through our OKX referral link, you’ll receive a $10,000 OKX Mystery Box, 20% off trading fees, plus a $10 Bitcoin sign-up bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about the OKX platform and how to use our OKX code, earn sign-up bonuses, and save on trading fees.

OKX Referral Code December 2022

OKX Referral Code Sign-up with OKX Referral Link or use Referral Code 18314679
OKX Sign-up BonusGet a 10k Mystery Box, $10 BTC Bonus & 20% Off Trading Fees
Referral TermsOKX Referral Terms
Bonus Last ValidatedDecember 2022
OXK Referral Offer

What is OKX?

OKX is a popular crypto trading platform for trading assets and a range of financial products and services, including staking, earning interest and crypto loans. Users wanting to get into DeFi, also have a private and secure wallet, or you get involved in NFTs.

OKEx has its own utility token called ‘OKB’, which can be used to settle trading fees and pay for particular services on the platform.

In January 2022, OKEx changed its name to “OKX” after feeling its old name (hinting at the word “Exchange”) no longer reflected the platform’s image.

What is OKX?

How to Sign-up to OKX?

OKX makes the process of signing up to their platform pretty simple and offers new users a couple of great incentives. For unrestricted trading on OKX, you will need to complete KYC.

  1. Create an OKX account
  2. Choose to sign-up to OKX with either email or mobile email and a password
  3. Click “have an invite code”.
  4. If not already populated, use OKX invite code “18314679”.
  5. Confirm your email/mobile verification
  6. Registration should now be complete
  7. Complete KYC for restriction-free trading
How to register to OKX?

How to Earn OKX Referral Rewards?

  1. When your referral completes one of their starting tasks, you get 15 USDT in fee rebates when your referral passes photo verification and buys (or deposits).
  2. Once you have five referrals who have claimed rewards, you can become an OKX affiliate and earn 30% off their trading fees. In that case, you can no longer receive the referral rewards.
  3. Rewards are credited to the account on the following day before 18:00 (UTC+8).
  4. Referral rewards are added to your primary account only. Learn more in OKX Referral rules
How to earn OKX referral Rewards?

What is the OKX Mystery Box?

The OKX Mystery Box is a “Refer-a-Friend” special offer. As part of this offer, if you sign up to OKX using our OKX Sign-up link or OKX referral code: 18314679, you’ll receive a Mystery Box containing a gift worth up to $10,000 in free crypto.

The Mystery Boxes are different, and the prizes are chosen from the most popular crypto assets. OKX also include trading fee rebate cards to help save money on trading fees on their platform.

By using our link or code at sign-up, you can receive up to 2 Mystery Boxes. You’ll receive the first when you create an account and a second Mystery Box if you buy or deposit $50 or more in crypto (within 30 days of creating your account).

How to Claim OKX Mystery Box


What is the OKX code?

The OKX code 18314679 allows new users to get 20% off trading fees plus a $10 Bitcoin sign-up bonus when they sign up and enter the referral code.

How do I get an invitation code for OKX?

To get your own invitation code for OKX, sign-up using OKX referral code: 18314679, and you will then receive your own referral code to share with friends and family.

How do I claim a referral in OKex?

To claim your referral in OKex, use referral code 18314679 at sign-up and complete KYC. You’ll then receive 20% off your trading fees, and a $10 Bitcoin welcome bonus. Okex has recently rebranded to OKX.

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