Crypto Glossary A to Z: Crypto Terms & Jargon for Beginners

Learn and stay up to date with all of the most common blockchain and crypto terms and slang with our Crypto Glossary. We have all seen those words and abbreviations on social media like HODL or ATH but if you're new to crypto (or over 30) you may not know what they mean. So we have put together some key phrases and terms you need to know and keep up with the kids.
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Crypto Glossary A-Z

Airdrop – A way for projects to distribute tokens
Altcoin – An “Alternative Coin” or any cryptocurrency launched after Bitcoin
AML – Anti-Money Laundering
APE – Invest in something without doing research
APR – Annual Percentage Rate
APY – Annual Percentage Yield
AR – Augmented Reality
ATH – All-Time High
Bags – What you’re holding (your investments)
BTD – Buy The Dip
BTFD – Buy The F**king Dip
BPD – Bitcoin Pizza Day or Big Pay Day
Capitulate – Selling Assets or Cryptocurrencies at a Significant Loss
CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency
CEX – Centralized Exchange (e.g. Binance)
Cold Wallet / Cold Storage – Offline wallet that is never connected to the internet (e.g. Ledger)
DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization
DApp – Decentralized Application
(DDoS) Attack – Distributed Denial of Service
DeFi – Decentralized Finance
Degen – Degenerate as in a degenerate gambler
Diamond Hands – Someone that won’t sell
DEX – Decentralized Exchange (e.g. UniSwap)
DYOR – Do Your Own Research
EIP – Ethereum Improvement Proposal
ERC-20 – (Ethereum Request for Comment) Smart contracts which are issued on Ethereum
ERC-721 – Ethereum smart contract, which allows for the issuance of NFT
ENS – Ethereum Name Service
Fiat Currency – Government-issued/traditional currency e.g USD, GBP, EU
FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out
FUD – Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt
HODL – Misspelling of “hold” or “hold on for dear life”
Hot Wallet / Hot Storage – A wallet that is connected to the internet
Hold – Don’t Sell
ICO – Initial Coin Offering 
KYC – Know Your Customer
LP – Liquidity Provider
Moon – When Crypto drastically increases in price
NFT – Non-Fungible Token
NGMI – Not Gonna Make It
NYKNYC – Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto
Paper Hands – Someone who sells easily
POH – Proof Of History (Measure time before consensus used by Solana)
POS – Proof Of Stake (Consensus Mechanism used by Ethereum 2.0)
POW – Proof Of Work (Consensus Mechanism used by Bitcoin)
Pump and Dump – Artificially inflate the price of an asset and sell high
REKT – When you lose a bunch of money
Rug Pull – Get Scammed
Satoshi – Pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin and 0.00000001 BTC
Shill – Peddle a Coin or Token for your benefit
Shitcoin – Useless Coin or Token with poor fundamentals
TOR – The Onion Router (Browser to access the “Dark Web”)
TPS – Transactions Per Second
WAGMI – We’re All Gonna Make It
Web3 / Web 3.0 – Refers to the Decentralized Web
Whale – An investor with a large amount of crypto
When Lambo – When will you have enough Crypto or Money to buy a Lambo
XBT – Alternative abbreviation for Bitcoin (BTC)
51% Attack – When half the mining power on a network is run by a single organization

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