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WAGMI Meaning

AUG 21, 2023 | UPDATED SEP 05, 2023

WAGMI, short for "We're All Gonna Make It," is a beacon of positivity amidst the unpredictable waves of the crypto market. It's a phrase that echoes hope and unity, although, at times, it's wielded with a hint of sarcasm.

What WAGMI Meaning in Crypto?

The WAGMI acronym, frequently spotted on platforms like Twitter, is a morale booster for those navigating the volatile crypto waters. However, it’s not just a straightforward cheer. Some use WAGMI to playfully jab at influencers or crypto enthusiasts who might be pushing cryptocurrencies for personal gain or making overly optimistic price forecasts.

Interestingly, while WAGMI is now a staple in crypto lingo, its roots lie elsewhere. The motivational phrase traces back to Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian, a Russian-Australian bodybuilder. Its journey into mainstream popularity began in 2021, thanks to Wallstreetbets (often abbreviated as WSB), a buzzing subreddit dedicated to stock and options trading discussions. Known for their bold, high-risk trading approaches, the WSB community embraced WAGMI, and from there, it seamlessly transitioned into the crypto vernacular, enriching the digital currency culture.


  • “Despite the recent market crash, remember everyone, WAGMI!”
  • “Just invested in this new project. Feeling optimistic. WAGMI!”
  • “No matter the hurdles, always believe that WAGMI.”


Degen, short for "degenerate," refers to individuals taking high-risk actions, especially in crypto trading, without thorough research.


FUD stands for "Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt," a strategy to spread misinformation or negative news, often in crypto markets.


A crypto airdrop is a free distribution of tokens to wallet addresses, often promoting a new cryptocurrency.


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