UK’s Crypto Future

UK’s Crypto Future is Bright Regardless of Who is in Charge

Member of Parliament Dr Lisa Cameron believes that the future of the crypto space in the United Kingdom is bright, regardless of the party in charge.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Lisa Cameron stated that the political turmoil in the UK would not affect the future of the cryptocurrency space. The Conservative Party has seen numerous changes in leadership in the last few years, with Rishi Sunak now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The leadership crisis in the Conservative Party in recent years is resulting in increased support for Labour Party, the major opposition party.

PM Sunak has previously stated that he wishes to turn the United Kingdom into a cryptocurrency hub. Cameron, who is chairwoman of the All Parliamentary Group for Crypto and Digital Assets (APPG), a forum of lawmakers, pointed out that she is confident that crypto will remain a nonpartisan issue no matter who runs the government. She stated that;

“I do think from a working-cross party, that people are gradually realizing in all the parties so that no matter who is in government now or in the future, that [crypto] is an area of innovation, technology and of real dynamism for the future.”

Dr Lisa Cameron MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow
Dr Lisa Cameron MP East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow

Cameron pointed out that it is her job to ensure that members of various parties can talk about the crypto sector and determine how to boost growth and innovation in the space while protecting consumers. She said;

“Actually my job is to almost engage everybody and make sure that this is apolitical so that we have our framework going forward and, yes, different governments will want to put their own mark on it or their own stamp on it moving forward,” Cameron said. “But then, we have underpinning that, a group of parliamentarians right across all the parties who can discuss it, debate it and inform whichever strategy goes ahead.”

Dr Lisa Cameron MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow

The APPG is expected to release its first inquiry report, which will look at the possibility of the UK becoming a crypto hub and whether it is an achievable goal by the government. 

Cameron said the report would consider the components of that vision, how achievable it is and what we need to put in place. The APPG will publish the report in January 2023. 

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