OKX Football World Cup NFT

Crypto Exchange OKX Launches NFT Football Campaign Ahead of the World Cup

OKX, one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world, has announced the launch of its NFT Football Campaign.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange has now launched its NFT Football Cup ahead of this year’s World Cup in Qatar. According to the press release shared with EveryBitHelps. The OKX NFT Football Campaign is an NFT-based game celebrating the global football tournament.

The crypto exchange revealed that the campaign allows participants to mint NFTs of the countries of their choice from any of the available 32 national teams by temporarily staking 10 USDt each.

OKX added that it launched the OKX NFT Football Cup because of its love for football, NFTs, and the communities that celebrate them. Hence, the cup is designed to unite these two powerful, passionate communities.

OKX NFT Football World Cup

OKX has provided us with 15 Free Football Cup NFTs to Giveaway to our audience!
For a chance to win a Free OKX Football Cup NFT, click the below link and provide us with your ETH address (that can accept NFTs) plus the Football NFT you would like.

The lucky winners will be notified by 16/11/22. Good Luck!

OKX Sign-up Bonus

According to the rules of the campaign, each wallet (Metamask, OKX wallet, C98, etc.) connected to OKX Web3 APP or Desktop can mint up to 3 NFTs. Furthermore, for every 1 NFT minted, OKX will add 10 USDT to the Prize Pool, i.e., if there are 100,000 NFTs, the Prize Pool will be $1,000,000.

OKX added that all staked funds and rewards would be available to withdraw after the tournament. The crypto exchange will return all staked funds to the original stakers and distribute rewards to the winners. Users won’t pay anything for their NFTs except the gas fee.

Participants have the opportunity to earn from the 1,060,000 USDT available during the competition. In the group rounds, 960,000 USDT is up for grabs and another 100,000 USDT during the third-place game. 

In the group rounds, OKX explained that;

“Each match has a fixed 20,000 USDT prize pool. Before a match, OKX will snapshot the list of NFT owners for the competing teams the moment match starts. After a match ends, NFT owners who have backed the winning team will share the prize pool. If a match ends in a draw, NFT holders on each side will share a prize pool of 10,000 USDT.”

OKX Football Cup Mint and root for your teams

In the knockout rounds, for each NFT minted, OKX adds 10 USDT to the prize pool. For each match during the knockout round, the losing team’s prize pool is added to the winning team’s prize pool. 

Once the eighth-finals come to an end, participants can decide to exit the game to collect the earned prize money, or they can hold their NFTs and stay in the OKX Football Cup for a chance to win more rewards.

Finally, OKX informed participants that all prizes accumulated during the World Cup and staked USDT would be returned to their account on 20th December 2022.

OKX Banner

How to Mint OKX Football Cup NFT?

To mint your free OKX Football Cup NFT, follow the below step-by-step guide;

  1. Go to OKX.com Website
  2. Switch from Exchange to “Wallet” in the top left
  3. Go to “NFT Marketplace
  4. From the OKX NFT Football Cup landing page, go to “Free Mint“.
  5. Connect to your wallet
  6. Mint your OKX Football NFTs.

Please note: you can mint one OKX Football Cup NFT on their website and two more from the OKX App.

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