Welcome to the “Let’s Talk Crypto Podcast” by Every Bit Helps. Dive deep into the intricate world of cryptocurrencies and finance with us. Whether you’re a newbie looking to understand the basics or an expert wanting to stay updated, our podcast offers insights, discussions, and analyses tailored for everyone. In each episode, we unpack the most pressing topics, trends, and innovations in the crypto universe. Join us as we demystify the digital future, one conversation at a time.

Episode 3 – Barney Whiter from The Escape Artist

In this week’s interview, we are joined by Barney Whiter from The Escape Artist to talk all things crypto & Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) 🔥.

Episode 2 – Mo Nold from CoinTracking

In this week’s interview, we are joined by Mo from CoinTracking to talk all things crypto tax 🔥. We answer all your crypto tax-related questions that you can’t find easily online. We also do a deep dive into how Cointracking’s software works and how it can help you with your crypto taxes.

Episode 1 – Greg Gerber from BitLift

In this week’s pod episode, we are joined by Gerbz and are going to take a deep dive into all things Web 3 NFTs. Gerbz talks us through the two platforms he has created. The first is BitLift the education platform he’s created to help people down the crypto rabbit hole and 3bra the ENS domain platform which turns your ENS Domain into colours! We talk about the future of crypto and the cycles he has witnessed since being in the space since 2013 (so he knows his stuff).

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