How to Contact Support (2023)

How to contact

If you’re having an issue logging into, making a deposit or need help with withdrawing your money from No matter your issues, contacting the support team is only a few steps away. is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange serving over 10 million customers worldwide. Contact for all your questions, queries, and […]

How to Find Your Wallet Address (2023)

How to Find Wallet Address

This beginner’s guide will explain how to find your wallet address, so you can send crypto to your wallet. If you’re new to and the world of crypto, specific tasks can seem daunting or confusing. For example, you’ll first need your wallet address to send or receive crypto into your account. Also, […]

Freetrade Review 2023: Features, Fees, Pros & Cons

Freetrade Review

In this Freetrade Review for 2022, we take a deep dive into one of the top UK fintech investment platforms for retail investors. We analyze the variety of features Freetrade has to offer. Plus, we take a look at their security, regulations, fees, support, pros and cons. Freetrades’ commission-free trading model remains an attractive proposition […]

How to Download & View Coinbase Transaction History (2023)

How to Download & View Coinbase Transaction History

This guide will explain how to download and View your Coinbase transaction history. Downloading your Coinbase statements is ideal if you want to see your Coinbase trading history, submit your crypto tax returns or just need a statement for your personal records. So, let’s dive into this guide to help you work out how to […]